About Photography by Traci Buck

Hey there … I’m Traci, a wife to a really cool guy, mom to two awesome kiddos, and a photographer in Grants Pass, Oregon by trade … or perhaps I should say, by passion. I love creativity. I love people. And I am blessed to be able to spend my time creating people’s stories through my lens.

I believe in being yourself. I am jeans, a tee-shirt and a pair of Chucks …

I love cooking and gardening. Running and drinking coffee. Traveling and exploring. Being home and tending to our newly acquired chickens. I love dreaming. I love simplicity …

Thanks for taking time to stop by …





3 thoughts on “About Photography by Traci Buck

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  1. Love your work! The wedding pictures you took of both my kids weddings are all over my home and bring me back to those days. Thanks for creating memories for a lifetime!!!

  2. Hi traci, the pics u did for my daughter(justina parmer) r just absolutely beautiful! Its what I asked for and more! I love em! Thank u again for taking the time and for ur wonderful talent. And also for Whitney on making justina just glamorous for the photo shoot! Have a merry xmas, happy holiday to u and ur family.

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