and then there’s a real life kind of day …

So days just seem to float … lovely mornings with the fam, photoshoots while kids are off at school, planning sessions, editing, cooking, and once again coming together as a family for peaceful nights. These days do happen, upon occasion. But then there’s the real life days … still filled with the aforementioned things but with the added craziness of real life.

I recently had one of those days. I decided to document it and still find the beauty in the moments of chaos.

We were together in the morning … running late, lost books, socks disappearing in the laundry, etc. There was a product photoshoot. And a call that my girlie was not feeling well at school.  My son locked he’s keys in the car so a quick trip to the high school. Not too mention the 5 year old beagle who is living in a crate while recovering from back/neck surgery after suffering from a calcified disc! Plus the plethora of meds he needs, along with the chart of what meds and at what time.

My day is not unique by any means. We all have craziness. This was simply just one day of mine. And I am learning that finding joy in ALL moments is the only way to live.
















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